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HAIKAI Harmony

Residential Energy Storage


Harmonic Living

HAIKAI Harmony stores surplus energy from your solar and the grid for when you need it most - while saving your electricity bill in the process. 

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Sleek . Compact . Simple

Modular Design

Easily Expandable up to 8 modules

Seamless vertical stacking between modules with battery connections aesthetically hidden 


Start at the size that is right

Starting capacity at 5.12 kWh
(1 Module)

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Safety is the first priority

The Harmony hosts the highest quality LFP cells which is the safest battery chemistry and additional fire-proof features.

One-man installation

With the Harmony's ergonomic handle design and auto-locking power cables, there is no need for an extra man or a forklift during installation. 



Best partnered with Sonata Hybrid Inverter


HAIKAI Sonata Hybrid Inverter

All in One Solution

Pair HAIKAI Harmony with HAIKAI Sonata hybrid or AC inverter for the highest compatibility.

System layouts

On-grid solution

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HAIKAI Harmony helps you save more on your utility bill


Use every drop of energy from your solar panels

The majority of energy generated from solar panels comes during mid-day. However, for most homes, energy usage peaks in the morning and the evening. As a result, only 30% of the energy generated is used on average. Don't let the energy generated by the solar panels you invested in go to waste.


HAIKAI Harmony helps you store that solar energy and allows you to use it whenever you need it.

Save more on your electricity bill

As your home rely more on technology, the more energy your home consume. HAIKAI Harmony allows you to fully utilized the energy generated from your PV system and automatically carries out peak shaving. Moreover, it can help prevent surging demand charges, helping you to cut back significantly on your electricity bill.

Keep your home light up 24/7

Natural disasters and accidents are things that you cannot predict and can threaten your safety. HAIKAI Harmony prepares you for unfavorable events that may cause a power outage. Keeping important appliances running can make sure you and your family are safe even during the most extreme circumstances. 

Easy to Install: Installation Video


Ready to add Harmony to your home?

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