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Energy Storage Systems for Industrial Solution

 HAIKAI's lithium-ion battery energy storage solution have successfully been applied to KWh-scale industrial scenarios such as UPS backup power for transportation, petroleum, petrochemical, DC cabinet energy storage, maritime energy storage and more.


HAIKAI's Industrial Solutions help areas that lack power grids to have access to stable electricity, reduce electricity costs, ensure   stable power network, and achieve the maximum social and economic benefits by using renewable energy to its greatest extent.

HAITAI's energy storage solutions uses well-known brands of Lithium-ion battery 


Applications: Manufacturing Industry, Public Transportation, Power Plant, Data Center, etc.



  • Battery Type: Iron phosphate battery

  • Nominal Voltage: 48 V / 51.2 V

  • Discharge power: Choose from 1 C - 12 C

  • Communication: RS485, Dry Contact

  • Accept Customization

  • Compatible with most of the mainstream UPS brand


Applications: Electrical Substation, Power Plant, 



  • Voltage:DC 110 V/ 220V

  • Capacity:100 Ah ~ 3000 Ah 

UPS and DC cabinet


  • Battery Type: Iron phosphate battery

  • Capacity:2.4 kWh、4.8 kWh

  • Nominal Voltage:  48 V / 51.2 V

  • Pack Dimension:440*440*131 (3U) mm

  • Accept Customization


Accept Customization :

  • Cell Type:

       standard /high power/ high discharge rate

  • BMS customization

  • Dimension/appearance customization

  • IP level requirement 

  • Pack/cabinet level fire control


Energy Storage Solution for Maritime Industry with customizable specifications.

Pack, Standalone, Marine
18 储能 多柜右侧视图PNG.png

All-in-One distributed energy storage system. For various commercial and industrial application. 

Battery + PCS + BMS + EMS + Temp. Control + Fire Control = LiHub All-in-One Solution.

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