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LiHub Hybrid
Industrial and Commercial ESS

The LiHub Hybrid is an all-in-one, high-performance energy storage system for various industrial and commercial applications that comes with an hybrid inverter.


It is highly suitable for all kinds of outdoor applications such as EV charging stations, industrial parks, commercial areas, housing communities, micro-grids, solar farms, that needs high powered hybrid ESS system

LiHub Industrial Commercial Energy Storage System With Hybrid Inverter


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Hybrid Inverter with Energy Storage Industrial Size

Industrial and Commercial Hybrid Energy Storage Solution

  • Energy Storage (102kWh/ 193kWh)

  • 50kW Hybrid Inverter

  • Online Cloud EMS

  • Fire Suppression System

  • Air-Conditioning Unit

  • IP54 Protection

Versatile Applications


Data Center


Wind Power Station


Solar Power Station


Smart Factory


Commercial Center




EV Charging Station


Municipal Facilities

Industrial Hybrid ESS solution Diagram

Simple Installation


The LiHub is equipped with multiple safety features: local failure isolation design, zero battery parallel capacity loss, multi-level early warning protection, double fire warning protection, and intelligent temperature control system. The LiHub uses long-life lithium iron phosphate battery with cycle life  of ≥ 6000 cycles and is highly efficient with system efficiency reaching up to 91%.

   Safe & Efficient   

The LiHub is an All-in-one solution, shortening the installation and commissioning period.The modular design minimizes impact fromlocal failures all allows quick and easy replacement of modules. The LiHub allows remote monitoring of operating status, and early fault warning, and performs benefit analysis.

 Easy to Operate & Maintain 

The LiHub can carry out peak shaving and valley filling, demand management, demand response, power capacity expansion, power curtailment mode, emergency backup power, and other modes that can meet many scenarios of applications.

 Versatile Functions 

The LiHub has a standard one-cabinet-one-system design, each system is completely independently controlled. Multiple cabinets can be connected in parallel to expand the size of the energy storage system, enabling flexible configurations.

 Easy to Expand 

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