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Energy Storage System for EV Charger

As Electric Vehicles advance to accept higher power charging rates to speed up charging, Energy Storage System will play a vital role in significantly reducing costs from demand charge and from needing to maintain the grid. Energy Storage System is the upgrade that every charging station needs that will benefit not only the car owners and station owners, but the community as a whole.

For EV-Charging Stations, Demand Charge is one of the reasons that makes up significant portion of cost.

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Demand Charge...

Demand Charge is the fee station must pay to the grid according to the maximum energy usage at any giving point in time of the billing cycle. If one or more cars charge at the station at the same time, the maximum energy usage increases significantly as more power is needed to charge multiple cars at the same time.

Energy Storage System, The Perfect Solution for EV-Charging Stations

Reduce Charging time by 94%

More than 70% of cost can be saved


Enables Rapid Charging (200 kW)

HAKAI's customized battery pack (up to 200 kW continuous discharge rate) can retrofit your current regular charger to enable rapid charging capabilities. Our battery can fully charge a Tesla model S in 20 minutes compared to 8 hours by a level 2 charger.


Lowers Demand Charge for the Station

If a car charges at a rate of 150 kW for 15 minutes, the peak energy usage is 150 kW. However, if another car arrives to charge during that 15 minutes, the peak energy usage will be 300 kW. This scenario would double the demand charge.

Energy Storage Systems can help stations to balance this load and significantly reduce demand charge which helps cut the costs of a charging station by 70% according to studies. This allows stations to break even much faster.

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Enables Peak Shaving

During peak hours, cars can be charged from battery storage instead as from the grid. The battery can then be re-charged during off-peak hours. This allows the station to pay lower fees during peak hours and save costs.

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Opens Ways for Greener Solutions

Having an energy storage system means that it can be connected to renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Energy from solar panels can be stored inside the storage system's batteries and used to charge cars when needed. Furthermore, this lowers the cost by using self-generated electricity.

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Improves Stability

As station sizes and power rating increase, distribution grid will need to upgrade in order to continue providing sufficient power. Energy storage system can take on a vital role by balancing the load and thus mitigate the need for large investments to upgrade the distribution grid.

Installing Battery Storage System significantly lowers cost for DC-Charging stations

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HAIKAI Energy Storage System for EV Charger

HAIKAI allows flexible production and customization. Our Energy Storage System for EV Charger is equipped with our own patented BMS system which can be modified according to client's request. Furthermore, we use high quality cells such as CATL, BYD Blade Battery and other customized high power (up to 8C discharge rate) battery cell. 


1.  We provide turnkey energy storage system to upgrade existing charging station and help lower costs. 
2. We can OEM packs and integrate it to your EV charger unit to create a all-in-one charger with built-in battery system.


Single Cabinet

Complete Set

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