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Residential and Commercial

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Solution for Smarter Homes For Smarter Future

HAKAI's residential energy storage system is designed to  upgrade normal homes into smart energy efficient homes, allowing home owners to cut their utility fee, reduce carbon footprint and have energy back-up during blackouts.

Simple, Versatile, Reliable Solution for All Your Needs

The HAIKAI AES-051100 energy storage has a simple and effective design to fit into your home or workplace. The modular design of the battery allows the battery capacity to be easily customized according to your need by simply stacking and choosing between series or parallel connection ways.

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The Perfect Solution for EV Charging Stations

HAIKAI allows flexible production and customization. Our Energy Storage System for EV Charger is equipped with our own patented BMS system which can be modified according to client's request. Furthermore, we use high quality cells such as CATL, BYD Blade Battery and other customized high power (up to 8C discharge rate) battery cell. 

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