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HAIKAI Energy's Successful Exhibition at K.EY Energy, Rimini - Italy

Buongiorno! In March 2023, the biggest solar energy, renewable energy, and energy storage exhibition in Italy took place in the nice beach city of Rimini. People all over Italy traveled to Rimini during the three days of the exhibition to see what new technology has to offer.

HAIKAI Energy did our part by attending as an exhibitor and showcasing our residential, commercial, and industrial energy storage solutions. HAIKAI Energy's solutions are perfect for solar applications, housing communities, micro-grid, off-grid, EV charging, and much more.

HAIKAI Harmony Residential Energy Storage

Harmony residential energy storage battery

The Harmony Residential Storage system is a beautifully designed modular 5kWh LFP battery that can be stacked up to 8 modules (41kWh). The Harmony comes with a special aerosol fire suppression system for extra safety of the system. On top of that, the Harmony is IP65 rated, making it suitable for outdoor installation.

The Harmony Plus is an all-in-one version of the Harmony. It comes with a stackable 6kW hybrid inverter which fits together perfectly with the 5kWh Harmony battery.

The Harmony by itself can also be installed with other brands of inverters. Here are some beautiful residential ESS installations by our talented installers worldwide.

Harmony residential energy storage battery with inverters

LiHub Industrial and Commercial All-In-One Energy Storage System

The LiHub is another star of our exhibition this year and enjoyed a lot of interest from passersby. The LiHub is a useful All-In-One energy storage system that is suitable for all kinds of industrial and commercial projects.

One LiHub cabinet consists of inverter modules + battery modules + a cloud EMS system + a fire suppression system + air-conditioning system. All of this is fitted inside a compact IP54-protected cabinet. The LiHub is very safe with a double later fire protection system, can be installed outdoors, has a small footprint, and is very easy to install. Last but not least, multiple cabinets can be connected in parallel to increase power and capacity, while the cloud EMS system lets you easily manage all of the cabinets from your computer.

The LiHub comes in many sizes such as 120kW/225kWh or a 50kW/102kWh with a hybrid inverter. It is truly a very flexible and highly applicable solution. The LiHub is suitable for projects such as EV charging stations, solar farms, housing communities, industrial parks, and many more.

HAIKAI LiHub all-in-one energy storage solution image

Photo Gallery of HAIKAI Energy Storage Solutions for Residential and Industrial.

HAIKAI Energy at KEY Energy Rimini Italy

HAIKAI Energy at KEY Energy Rimini Italy

HAIKAI Energy at KEY Energy Rimini Italy

HAIKAI Energy at KEY Energy Rimini Italy

HAIKAI Energy at KEY Energy Rimini Italy

HAIKAI Energy at KEY Energy Rimini Italy

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