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Energy Storage - Keeping the Lights on During Outages and Power Cuts

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

As storm Eunice rages across Europe this week, millions of homes and businesses have lost power, causing major disruptions and safety concerns.

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Natural disasters such as storms, floods, or heat waves are all dangers to power plants and power lines which can lead to power cuts to homes and businesses. In the past few years, we have seen plenty of events where natural disasters had caused thousands of people to live without electricity. As a matter of fact, weather-related natural disasters occurrence has increased five folds over the past 50 years due to climate change

As homeowners, it is important to prepare backup plans for when disasters arrive. Apart from stocking food and water, making sure that your family still has the electricity to power necessary appliances is also very crucial.

Residential Energy Storage

Home battery or residential energy storage systems are common installations among homeowners who have solar panels. They are often called solar batteries because they store power from the solar panels for homeowners to use later at night. They can also store energy from the grid to be used when there is a power cut.

As you might have guessed, not only residential energy storage helps homeowners pay less for their electricity bill but it also works as a power backup when there is a power cut.

During a Power Cut

Once a power cut happens, residential energy storage systems can detect the loss of power from the grid and switch to "off-grid" mode. In this mode, the energy storage will work as the main power source for all the appliances in your house. Normally one unit of energy storage (5 kWh) can power necessary appliances during a power cut for around 7 hours. This duration depends on what type and how many appliances the battery will need to supply during the power cut.

If connected with solar, the energy storage will be able to recharge itself and allow you to live sustainably without power from the grid.

Charging from the grid and solar panels.
Discharging to power the house.

How to Choose a Suitable Energy Storage System?

One of the best choices you can choose is the HAIKAI Harmony Residential Energy Storage. The Harmony is perfect for any homeowner who is both new and experienced in installing a home battery. With a suitable capacity size of 5.12kWh per unit, homeowners can freely choose the capacity needed for their homes by stacking up multiple units. The units can be added or taken away as needed so there is no need to worry if you want to start small.

The Harmony is also one of the easiest batteries out there to install. It is lightweight and small compared to the other brands, only one installer is able to finish the job quickly.

More importantly, the Harmony is very safe. It is equipped with an aerosol fire suppression system and designed elegantly to hide any loose wires, making it child and pet safe. It is IP 65 rated making it waterproof and perfect to be placed outdoors and under the rain.

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